Reconditioned Cornelius Keg 19L


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Last updated on: 6 October 2022

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Here you will find the highest grade, highest quality, reconditioned Cornelius Keg. This Keg is perfect for adding to your home bar and will keep you going for some time (unless you are like us!). To set up a keg, you will also need a tap, a regulator and some connections too but we sell everything here and are always available to give free, friendly advice if you need some help getting started! You will surely impress your friends when they come around to your DIY bar and you serve them up a refreshing home brewed pint on draught! You may want to consider investing in a kegerator so you can serve chilled beer, all day, every day.

All of our kegs are of Italian make (AEB/Cornelius/Safer), they will arrive pressurized and free from welds. We only stock the highest quality reconditioned kegs. Rest assured your keg will include brand new seals and will be machine polished to only the highest standard.

All of our kegs are ball lock type connections. You will need a liquid disconnect and a gas disconnect to connect the beer lines to your keg. They are 56cm tall, 23cm in diameter, and 18.9L capacity. Please note this is the shorter, stubbier style keg.

We also sell lots of other Cornelius Keg Equipment, here you can purchase full kits with everything that you will need to get started. If you fancy something a little smaller you can even try our 10l Cornelius Keg. These are much smaller which can be great if you like the idea of fitting them inside your rucksack for a camping trip or even take to your friends to show off! Some brewers use the smaller kegs so they can fit them inside their fridge and keep their beer nice and cold!