Apollo 30 L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter



Last updated on: 3 May 2023

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The Apollo 30 L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter elevates the brewing experience to new levels. This fermenter is ideal for those who want to venture into pressure fermentation, enabling simultaneous fermentation and carbonation in a single vessel, resulting in quicker beer consumption.

With its conical shape and durable, transparent PET construction, the Apollo instils confidence for quality beer fermentation under pressure.

Features of the Apollo include a dry hop port for sanitary dry hopping, a selection of multi-pressure options, with 3 x PRVs included, a centralized floating dip tube for clear transfers, a thermowell for monitoring the internal temperature, built-in handles, a true conical shape, and a stainless steel stand.

After fermentation, the beer may be directly served from the fermenter or transferred to a keg without introducing oxygen. The Apollo undergoes a pressure test straight off the production line for each unit.