Fast Hazy IPA All Grain Recipe Kit



Last updated on: 30 December 2023

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This juicy IPA sits somewhere between a West coast and East coast IPA. It has the big smooth body of an East coast with the crisp citrusy hop hit of a West coast IPA. The secret weapon in this beer is the Jasper Hornindal yeast which, if fermented warm (35°C+) will throw out nice stone fruit and tropical esters. This can be fermented much cooler (23°C+) and will still produce some noticeable esters. The yeast will add a lot of character to this beer. Kveik ferments much quicker than regular yeast and this beer was designed to go from grain to glass very quickly.

Batch size: 23L
OG: 1063
FG: 1013
ABV: 6.53%
IBU: 37
EBC: 13.8

Crisp Maris Otter: 5000g
Crisp Wheat: 800g
Crisp torrefied oats: 500g
Crisp cara gold: 500

Magnum 25g @ 60 min
Cascade 50g @ 5 min

Jasper JY246 Hornindal yeast

Mash all grains at 68°C for 60 – 90 mins. Sparge and collect 28 litres of wort. Boil for an hour adding the hops at the prescribed times. Cool wort quickly to pitching temperature. For more expressive yeast esters ferment 35°C – 37°C, the cooler the beer is fermented the cleaner the yeast will be.