Farmhouse Kveik Yeasts – Yeaster Bunny Stranda YB-203


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Last updated on: 19 April 2023

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A very ester-forward strain. It produces a lot of tropical fruit character, like ripe mango, papaya and also some stone fruit such as apricots and pear. It’s a very complex aroma, ideal for most modern fruit-forward IPAs and other styles.

Fermentation temp: 20-35 degrees Celcius

ABV: Up to 16%

Attenuation: 73-78%

Dosage: 1 Pack / 20-25L of wort

How to use: Rehydrate the contents of the packet in 1.040 wort, or water (preferably at 30 degrees Celcius ) for 30 – 90 minutes before pitching